Book Review: Rise of the Horde

Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde (Book 1)Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde by Devan Sagliani
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Xander is determined to make it to the base where his brother Moto is stationed. It’s his only hope of survival against the zombie horde, which has overwhelmed his current base. Together with his 12 year old charge, Benji, he must navigate cannibals, cults, neo-Nazis, and biker gangs to get to relative safety. Oh, also zombies, there is the minor issue of zombies.

Rise of the Horde is a well told zombie apocalypse introduction that feels like it really is being told from 16 year old Xander’s perspective. He is good at narrating from a perspective that feels like more of a regular citizen’s feel for how a zombie apocalypse would look and begin. I also really appreciated how it wasn’t all blood and guts and gore, but really explored how various human subgroups might react and survive in a such a situation. Some would turn to religion, some would simply refuse to believe their own eyes (and get subsequently bit) while some might try to barricade themselves in. I really enjoyed the read and found myself looking forward to the rest of the series. If you are even a casual zombie fan pick this one up!

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