Book Review: Ryyah Threat from the North

World of Ryyah: Threat from the North: Book ThreeWorld of Ryyah: Threat from the North: Book Three by H.L. Watson
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Addlin is not sure what just happened at his meeting between his House of Donovan and the Eastern Elves alliance discussions, but he may have just married. Seliene knew that she would become bonded as part an alliance, but she wasn’t prepared for a half human bond mate who may not be affected by the bonding spell in the same way she is. Addlin must learn to navigate marriage to an elf who wasn’t sure how his culture works, while also navigating the murky world of alliances during war.

While started a bit slow for me, this book quickly morphed into a fascinating tale of Elven culture and war. I honestly wished that the concepts of bonding and Elven culture were explored further, although that is not to diminish the character development that was deepened in a meaningful way. The ideas just fascinated me so I would love to see more of Addlin and Seliene’s relationship played out in the rest of the series. It was even more interesting to me than the intra-Elven conflicts, honestly. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series and particularly learning how the half Elves integrate into larger Elven society.

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