Book Review: From a Broken Land

From a Broken LandFrom a Broken Land by William R. Herr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gidon has been sent on a mission to discover the cause of the blight plaguing the land. He doesn’t expect to come home alive, but things never quite turn out the way you plan. All he is trying to do is find the local Seer, not join the local Guard or meet the most enchanting woman he has ever his limited experience growing up in a monastery, of course. Surely she could not help him accomplish his mission, but why won’t she leave?

From a Broken Land is Book one in the Broken Throne series, and it does a great job of setting the scene and explaining some of the politics and back story of the fictional countries of Sidhea and Hammat without resorting to long monologuing or awkward exposition. The main characters of Gidon and Kira were developed well, as were some of the more interesting aspects of this world’s spiritual realm, such as the extremely binding nature of oaths. I thought it was a really well done first book in a series and look forward to reading more soon!

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