Book Review: Rebirth

Rebirth (John Taylor #1)Rebirth by Travis Starnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

John Taylor has just suffered through 3 years as a POW, and came home crushed to find the girl of his dreams now out of his reach. Wandering aimlessly, he comes upon a firefight, and his military instincts just kick in. Can he save the girl and survive the Russian mob?

The first in a series starring washed up war hero John Taylor, Rebirth is an origin story fit for the character. It is written in a blunt, no nonsense style, and feels like a vet is talking you through his options as Taylor carefully but decisively considers his options. He has a honed sense of justice and take no prisoners attitude. This is a quick, easy read for those of us who appreciate character driven plot without too much frilly stuff on the side to distract. I have a feeling though, I will enjoy more of the series and discovering Taylor’s ability to outrun his demons.

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