Book Review: Ruby Child

The Book of Siavon: Volume 1: The Ruby ChildThe Book of Siavon: Volume 1: The Ruby Child by Jessica Eppley
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Aryth was once ruled by benevolent Garric, but his daughters have caused nothing but despair since he cast them out. Only one person, the ruby eyed child of prophecy can defeat them to restore an era of peace. Keavy has been trained to defeat Garric’s daughter, Crocetta, by her adopted father Vorian. When you are born with crimson eyes, it’s hard to mistake your destiny. But her destiny has come too soon, and she only has an elderly catman, skittish faun and a teenage blacksmith to aid her.

Ruby Child is an engaging story from the beginning, although somewhat clumsily written at times. However, I was intrigued by the fantasy realm in which it was set and the characters that emerged. Keavy is both engaging and impulsive, but represents much of what it’s like to be a teenager with a burden. I’m interested to see how the next few books in the series evolve, as I presume they will deal with each sister in turn. I actually felt Crocetta went down a little too easily, and now the much of the back story is established I’d like to see some increasingly difficult challenges for Keavy and company. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

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