Book Review: All People's Lives Matter

All People Lives MatterAll People Lives Matter by Billy McCoy
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Holly is a 20 year old liberal student who joins the All People Lives Matter Movement as a matter of course - she’s destined to change the world after all. Unfortunately, the world she was destined to change was completely foreign and unintelligible to her, and she did not realize that until it was far too late…

I picked up this with interest, as the title was certainly an allusion to the Black Lives Matter movement, and I wanted to know the author’s take on it. I lived roughly 10 - 15 minutes away from Ferguson, MO, during the Michael Brown shooting, and watched both local and national media (and the stark difference between the two) unfold during that time. I am a Missouri girl, and the state of race relations here really saddens me, especially as they have probably devolved since that incident rather than improved. I really enjoyed how the vignettes in this book explored some of the ways racism is structural in the systems we rely upon, rather than the blatant racism most of us assume, because that is a huge part of the issue in the STL metro area, in my humble opinion, and that is not easily illustrated without a lot of complicated historical and economical information. Hopefully stories like these of Holly and some others in the greater Minneapolis area, while fictional, can illustrate to people exactly how racism can affect even when it’s not overt.

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