Book Review: The Bone Keepers

The Bone Keepers by James LePore
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The Catholic Church has many secrets, and this one has been kept for hundreds of years. Will it stay protected with the family who has been charged with its safety since the time of Christ? Or will it be sold to the Nazis by any one of several enterprising individuals? Follow John Tolkein and Ian Fleming before they were household names, and perhaps discover some of their inspirations behind their famous characters, as their WW2 espionage exploits take them on their fated journey.

Although this is the third in the Mythmakers trilogy it was actually the first one I read, and it works well as a stand alone book. It is styled as a historical thriller, weaving fictional characters into real events, and probably fictionalized real characters, which was my impressions of Tolkein and Fleming. The author wove (not particularly subtle) allusions to Tolkein and Fleming’s famous characters and plots throughout the story, which I admit made me roll my eyes a couple of times. While I would not discount espionage as a possibility for either man, I thought it was stretching it, particularly for Tolkein, who was recruited as a possible codebreaker during the war, rather than as a spy. Still it is an engaging and fun read, and for anyone who enjoys historical thrillers this series is a good pickup.

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