Book Review: High Hopes

High HopesHigh Hopes by Sue Lilley
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Grace had always been unlucky in love, although successful in many other areas of her life. When her ex-husband moved to New York for a year she took solace at Penrowan, the home of her two best college friends. The problem is she also brings with her a secret that could tear Sam and Dixie’s marriage apart. Will she be able to tell them about the baby she placed for adoption all those years ago?

As I work for an adoption agency ( stories from the birth parent perspective, especially search and reunion stories, always intrigue me. Adoption in general is much more open than it used to be, often with children growing up knowing who their birth parents are and where they are, but that is recent enough that there are still lots of birth parents and adoptees who have not reconnected. What I liked about this story was the whole family coming together around the idea of being there for the adoptee, despite the drama. At the end the focus was children, which is exactly the whole point. I know that the adoption was kind of a vehicle for the romance, but honestly I appreciated how it was discussed and that ultimately Grace was at peace with her decision, even with the difficulty. I hope it’s discussed in this way more!

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