Book Review: Bitter is the Wind

Bitter is the Wind by Jim McDermott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

George Johnson, Jr., has suffered some heartbreak in his short life, having lost his mother and 2 year old sister to a car accident when he was only 7. But he has been getting in trouble at school and his dad doesn’t know how to handle it. He knows his son is smart, and getting an education is important to getting ahead in life, but how can he help his son through school when he is struggling to deal with being a single father?

Bitter is the Wind is a late 70s/early80s, Baby Boomer coming of age story for George, who struggles to distinguish himself from his father’s monotonous, small town, factory job life. George’s story is really very well written, and not nearly as rambling as I thought it might be, as this is a common problem with coming of age stories. George is a very endearing, and at times infuriating, character, and many parents will likely identify with George Sr.’s struggle to be a good single father while fighting the desire to flee from his boring, working class factory job. I was honestly surprised to find out this is a debut novel from author Jim McDermott, and home to see more poignant novels in the future.

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