Book Review: Dog Gone

Dog GoneDog Gone by Diane Moat
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Sam just can’t get the picture of that poor, abused dog out of her mind. Elvis had been tortured and killed cruelly before she found him on the side of the road, and she had to bring his killer to justice, no matter what it took. Can her mission of righteous vengeance succeed, and if it does, will she lose everything in the process? She’s willing to take the chance, even if she has to use extra-legal methods.

Dog Gone is a fictionalized story of a very real problem. I was very happy to see real warnings woven into the story, such as never list a dog for free on online classifieds, as that draws dog fighters and baiters. I too am a dog lover, and it infuriates me to see some of the cruelty inflicted on such sweet animals. However, I was a little alarmed that the methods used by Sam to justify the ends were basically written off, as if two wrongs make a right. The story was engaging and the emotion was real, but for a story that was trying to bring awareness to such a real issue I hope people don’t confuse the fiction with the truth. Help the animals, just don’t lose your soul in the process.

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