Book Review: Dreadmore Saga Book 1

The Dreadmore Saga: Dawn of Sathram by A.A. Walker
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Three teenagers who only wanted to compete at their regional swordplay competition find themselves thrust into a quest that they must complete to save their realm. Yarrin, Rygar and Novvus are sent to find the translator stone which is protected by deep magic, but must survive the perils along the way. Their mage council is counting on them to help prevent the return of the great evil Mallus, who wreaked havoc on their realm before, and all signs point to him gearing up to do it again. Can they find the stone or will they perish on the dangerous journey?

On the surface this has the makings of a great fantasy story, but honestly the writing was just awful. To make it slightly readable there needs to be some serious editing. There were redundant descriptions, superfluous prepositions, tense hopping, fragments, and flat out wrong words used. Some of the words were just in wrong form, such as “constance” instead of “constant,” or “slaughter” instead of “slaughtered.” There were some homonym issues also - which changes the meaning of the sentence significantly, such as when you say, “our heads on a steak” means something entirely different than the intended, “heads on a stake.” However there were some flat out wrong words used, such as the sentence, “As it crossed, the stone stopped, hovering in one distill place.” Presumably the intended word was still, but distill means something else and there were several errors of this nature, where the word looked fancier but changed the meaning entirely. I can tell there is a pretty epic fantasy rattling around, waiting to be set free, but I just couldn’t honestly recommend this book to anyone as is.

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