Book Review: PK: Preacher's Kid

PK: Preacher's Kid - Volume OnePK: Preacher's Kid - Volume One by Samuel Omega Salt
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Zac’s father just died, and he is running from the memories. He runs straight to Dr. Phoenix, who resolves to peel away the layers until she can reveal his true soul. She has to get past the fact that Zac is not just a preacher’s kid, but a PK who still believes in the God of his parents, even though he was abused as a child and rejected through college because of his party boy ways. Can she figure out who he really is and how to help despite her ignorance of the Bible?

I know preacher’s kids, and it’s kind of a joke among Christian teenagers that the PKs are always the ones to go off the deep end, because the expectations on them are always just ridiculously high, so they have to rebel. This story played out in Preacher’s Kid, although I’m hoping that my friends didn’t have the added layer of abuse that was described by Mr. Salt. I’m assuming this is at least semi-autobiographical, and if not there is certainly a distinct writing style. Unfortunately, this style needs a fair amount of editing. There were lots of tense changes, wrong words, punctuation errors and other blatant grammatical errors that really took away from the spirit of the book. I was also honestly confused by the ending. I realize this is volume 1, but Zac’s issues were not at all resolved, it just basically stopped at his college graduation. There wasn’t really even a Sunday School moral or grand revelation, or even a statement about reaping what you sow, or a teaser for the next volume (there was the first chapter of the next book, but it didn’t really show a tie in.) I will admit to being sucked in by the book, and somewhat shocked at some of the descriptions of graphic sex (so sue me - I didn’t expect that level in a book called Preacher’s Kid!) but was also honestly really confused for parts of it. I think if it was properly edited this would be an amazing story though.

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