Book Review: Ripped Apart

Ripped Apart: Quantum Twins - Adventures On Two WorldsRipped Apart: Quantum Twins - Adventures On Two Worlds by Geoffrey Arnold
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Tullia and Qwelby are twins, but not just any old twins. They are quantum twins, meaning they are genetically identical twins but are a boy/girl pair. This has only ever happened once before on Vertazia, and it didn’t end well. When they interfere with an experiment they are hurled through space/time to Earth, which severs their telepathic connection. Will they be able to reconnect and find their way home? And why are their people fighting their return?

Do you like to nitpick science fiction? If so this is the read for you. I was totally fascinated by the science involved, as I’ve been interested in the concept of the multiverse and higher dimensions ever since I saw the TNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” as a child. Although a little lengthy, I thought the storyline was interesting and it didn’t delve too sciency for those who don’t want the nitty gritty. I’m hoping the next book in the series continues the quest for reunification, and perhaps explains a little more of the Vertazian society and the reasons behind the politics and whether or not the two parallel worlds can unite or fall.

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