Book Review: To Parts Unknown

To Parts UnknownTo Parts Unknown by John Anthony Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

George Adams is running from his past. To get out of London he persuades his editor to post him in Singapore. Unfortunately for him he arrives in 1942, just in time for the Japanese to invade. While trying to keep up some semblance of journalism he runs into the most fascinating character, Lady Jane Carrington Smythe. She too, is running away. But will they be able to escape together, and will their respective pasts prevent their future?

Author John Anthony Miller paints a vivid scene of the Pacific theater during WW2, and then inserts seemingly ordinary characters put into an extraordinary circumstances. While he does a good job moving the story along, brief interactions with otherwise extemporaneous characters become the foundation of main character George Adams’ introspection and healing from the death of his wife, Maggie, and move him towards forgiving himself for his part and and his interest in Lady Jane. While fast, I thought the inner turmoil of a man grieving his dead wife was wonderful character development, and brought some internal monologuing to an otherwise fast, externally moving story. If you enjoy historical fiction pick this one up.

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