Book Review: In Black and White

In Black & WhiteIn Black & White by Catherine Lavender
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Micah is determined to discover her roots. She knows her white father abandoned her mother, leaving her to grow up as a biracial child in a black community. But when she discovers her father has died and left her a sizable estate, she’s determined to figure out what really happened. But will finding the key to her past seal her fate with her father’s racist relatives?

In Black and White is a fascinating look at how modern racial politics intertwine with the past and inform the present. I was genuinely engrossed in the story of Micah’s parents, Sydney and Loretta, and how it was acted out as a bestseller. The story speaks to the heart of what we see today in the struggle that just can’t quite resolve itself. The first half of the book was gripping; unfortunately in the second half I was distracted by a lot of tense hopping and minor grammatical errors. I think that if those were addressed this would be one of those page turners that you can’t ever quite put down.

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