Book Review: Kings, Queens, Heroes and Fools

Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools (The Wardstone Trilogy Book Two)Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools by M.R. Mathias
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Hyden Hawk has been charged to find the Silver Skull of Zorellin, leaving his friend Mikahl to defend his new title as High King and reclaim Wildermont from the combined forces of Shaella and Ra’Gren, her reluctant ally. Due to Hyden she now has a new dragon and a new mission, to free her lover, Gerard, from the demonic realm he to which he was forced to retreat. But does Gerard retain any of his old self, or has he turned into the new king of hell? Can anyone fight against him once he’s freed?

Picking up right where The Sword and the Dragon leaves off, Kings, Queens, Heroes and Fools follows the story of Hyden Hawk and Mikahl in their new roles, while delving deep into the new political atmosphere created in the original book. As typical of Mathias, there are a lot of characters to follow and a lot of magic to help, but I found that it seemed much easier to follow the plot as there were two clear alignments between good guys and bad, and the basic plot of fighting over a kingdom to command. There is some emotional development, but I was actually looking for more in the new relationship for Mikahl, beyond the cliche that he falls in love with the girl he has to save. Still, there is great chemistry in the bromance that is Hyden and Mikahl, even when they must fight their separate battles, and I look forward to the conclusion of the trilogy, which will hopefully shed some light on the fate of those trapped in the Nethers.

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