Book Review: Saint Elm's Deep

Saint Elm's Deep (The Legend of Vanx Malic, #3)Saint Elm's Deep by M.R. Mathias
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With Gallarael saved - mostly, Vanx is free to pursue his personal quest, and heads North with Darbon, who is trying to get over his lost love. Finding a new band of merry men, Vanx strikes out to pursue the Hoar Witch, who is presumably his grandmother, if legends about his father are to believed. Naturally it’s a trip fraught with danger and mystery, and has become habit for Vanx, lots of loss. Can he find out his real claim to the Saint Elm name?

In book three of the Vanx Malic series he goes deeper into his roots, which has been a mystery for some time. Drawn by some unknown force he pursues a difficult course and again, risks life and limb for knowledge, his limbs and his companions. I felt like this story was not just an afterthought, or wrapping up a dying plot point, as it seemed with book 2, but I still was frustrated by some of the superficiality of the characters and the past pace of the plot. I’m hoping that we go a little farther in depth in the rest of the series, as there are many fascinating characters to meet along with some interesting lineage. Honestly, I couldn’t get over the “Elm’s Deep” as it seemed a blatant rip off of Tolkein and “Helm’s Deep” but I suppose that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and there is no shame in imitating Tolkein.

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