Book Review: Soul Whisperer

The Soul Whisperer: A Tale of Hidden Truths and Unspoken PossibilitiesThe Soul Whisperer: A Tale of Hidden Truths and Unspoken Possibilities by J.M. Harrison
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Alex and Sara need a change, so when Lucette, Alex's grandmother, suggests a vacation in the French provincial countryside - her treat - they readily agree to some time away from their recently hectic and tragic lives. What they don’t realize is an innocent suggestion to visit Jean-Michel, Lucette’s old friend and first love, will turn into a gateway to a destiny they never imagined.

Clearly channeling Dan Brown’s famous novels, Soul Whisperer takes the reader on a mythic historical scavenger hunt that has roots in the Gnostic doctrines. While the story was mildly interesting it was clearly a vehicle for the spiritual doctrine espoused by author J.M Harrison, and because of that at times it got a little preachy and the mechanisms used to explain the historical back story (trance, dream, etc.) felt a bit contrived. However, the historical interpretation was interesting, and the overall message of “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it” was well done. Still, I feel like this could use a little polishing to be a really great story, particularly if the vehicles for the historical scenes could be improved. An interesting read nonetheless, so if you are interested in some of the ideas of Gnostics and Essenes coupled with modern conspiracy theories this is definitely your jam.

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