Book Review: That Frigid, Fargin Witch

That Frigid Fargin Witch by M.R. Mathias
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vanx vows to vanquish that frigid, fargin’ Hoar Witch after what she has done to his friends with her mottled mutations. With the help of Chelda and new friend, Foxwise Posythorn, he seeks out an underworld way into her fortress. He never meant for Chelda to get stuck there, but she determines to help the Fae after what the witch did to their queen. Can she help them guard the Heart Tree against the witches strange creatures?

Again picking up immediately where the previous book left off, Vanx and his friends set off on the final leg of Vanx’s personal quest. I was relieved to discover that this book had a lot more action in it (and less journey) than the others, and even the dialogue seemed more on point. Vanx also had some personal decisions to ponder and play out, which helped the plot along better than the previous two books also. I was pleased to find that this book made me want to turn pages and see how the characters were going to foil the evil witches plans; it was definitely worth the work up in the previous two installments. Happy to see the direction this series has taken!

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