Book Review: Warrior Kids, A Tale of New Camelot

Warrior Kids: A Tale of New CamelotWarrior Kids: A Tale of New Camelot by Michael J. Bowler
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Lance has a new mission, but no less vital than children’s rights. He’s now taking up his friend Itzali’s cause - climate change. After all, what’s the point of kids having rights when they don’t have a decent world to live in? But just like before, he’s making some powerful enemies and might bring about change, but at the cost of his own life.

Following up on his previous series, author Michael Bowler continues with the characters from his Knight Cycle books. Continuing with his mix of Arthurian values in modern society, and strange fascination with long, luscious locks, he sets youth as the real heroes against one of society’s biggest scientific issues, that of climate change. Like with the previous books, the results on adults are a bit far fetched, but nice to imagine. I love the emphasis on chivalry and camaraderie, and remember wishing as a kid that adults would take me more seriously (and the reverse - now as an adult wishing they wouldn’t.) The language was certainly juvenile, right down to spelling because or ‘cause as “cuz,” which I’m proud to say would have annoyed me as a child, as I was a grammar nerd then too. I thought it was an ok read, with a good plot timing, although details left me rolling my eyes at times. Still not a bad afternoon of reading, and hopefully inspiring to the YA set.

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