Book Review: The Worship of Walker Judson

The Worship of Walker JudsonThe Worship of Walker Judson by Janice Strubbe Wittenberg
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Walker Judson renamed himself and has begun to live his life according to his calling, as a healer. But parts of his old life still pull at him, and the town of Buena Vista, AZ, isn’t exactly welcoming of new age healers. But he knows he’s doing good, and has a protege in Lauren who can continue his work. Will he be able to overcome his past and press on through the present to fulfill his destiny? And can he control his power and use it only to heal, rather than to destroy, as it sometimes presses him to do?

Walker Judson is a fascinating character, and while the book tells a story, the story is really that of a faith healer and his personal demons, as well as through the eyes of one of his acolytes. I have always been fascinated by cults and cult leaders and wondered how people get sucked into him, so this was one of those books I just couldn’t put down. The strength of the character development and emotional description through the book left me a little disappointed at the end though, I have to be honest, as I felt like it just all of a sudden disappeared. I wasn’t sure I liked what felt like an easy out for Judson. However, the story was still just remarkable and of course the fact that I got annoyed shows I was invested. I recommend this to anyone looking to delve deeper into their own beliefs and thought processes about religion, cults, and self healing.

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