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Alexander: [Alexander Trilogy Book Two]Alexander: [Alexander Trilogy Book Two] by Stan I.S. Law
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Alexander Baldwin is establishing himself as a brilliant physicist, with help from his mentor, Dr. Desmond McBride. He marries the love of his life, Suzy, and they even have a child. So why can’t he shake his youthful fantasy world, and is it the reason for his crazy immobility?

Book 2 in the Alexander Trilogy, Alexander follows Alec, (yes, Alec Baldwin - I snickered a bit too) the boy with the epic fantasy world in Book 1 as he struggles to reconcile his youth experiences with modern reality; and, as is in the fashion of physicists, unify competing constructs into a singular theory. I honestly enjoyed the intelligence behind the story, even if I somewhat disagreed with the religious conclusions. It’s quite clear that Stan I.S. Law is very familiar with the scientific community and their processes, and managed to bring that into a fictional story without sounding TOO much like a dry lecturer. It did get quite dense at times, of course, so this story could not be rushed through, nor described as a quick read. However, if you enjoy learning from fiction, digesting both the story and the meat behind it, this is an excellent read.

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