Book Review: Cole's Perfect Ppuppy

Cole's Perfect PuppyCole's Perfect Puppy by Frances M. Crossno
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cole desperately wants a puppy, and the pot bellied pig his uncle got him for Christmas isn’t cutting it. When a job at the local pet store opens up he jumps at the chance to work towards the beautiful Golden Retriever puppy that still hasn’t been adopted. But will he be able to save enough money to adopt her before someone else will?

Cole’s Perfect Puppy is a super cute kid’s book about a little boy who desperately wants his first, frisky puppy. I think any kid will identify with Cole, and his desire to earn the pet he knows will be the perfect fit. Intertwined are some common childhood issues, including that of losing a parent, that spark great conversation for kids who have had to deal with loss and trauma. I was also particularly encouraged that the subject of religion and spirituality was brought in as a way to cope with trauma, as I think that adults often misconstrue the value of that for children. If you are looking for a good read for your 3rd-5th grader check this one out!

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