Book Review: The Electra Conspiracy

The Electra ConspiracyThe Electra Conspiracy by Elizabeth Revill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

British pop superstar Electra is getting ready to launch her new worldwide tour, and Jon and Amy are filming a documentary about it. When Electra dies in a freak auto accident, reminiscent of Princess Diana’s untimely death, Jon and Amy are heartbroken, but determined to finish the film as their own eulogy to the beloved star. What Jon and Amy uncover, however, is far more than an innocent car crash, and now they are on the run from a powerful organization determined to cover up their practices.

I love a good conspiracy theory, and the Electra Conspiracy does not disappoint. I really enjoyed the obviously well researched plot and minutia that added some depth to the story. Unfortunately, in stark contrast were some really small, but perpetual writing mistakes throughout the book that were very distracting, including some really obvious mispellings or wrong words, ie using “birth” for “berth.” It’s really nothing a good editor couldn’t catch though. If you can look past some of that the story is really very good, and the characters are compelling.

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