Book Review: The Forgotten Word

Forgotten WordForgotten Word by Sam Jane Brown
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Zena McGrath is annoyed by her current assignment. As an avowed atheist, she is not particularly interested in investigating the recent spate of deaths in the Vatican. When her investigation takes her to New York and a local group of Satanists, she starts to think maybe, just maybe, there is something spiritual - even demonic - to this particular case, and her role becomes much more than simply solving a murder.

I really wanted to like this book, as I’ve always enjoyed the apocalyptic type literature, even when it isn’t particularly accurate or theological. However, the present tense writing - which did really annoy me after a while - and lack of depth just left me unsatisfied. It was an interesting premise, but not quite fleshed out enough for me, especially towards the end. It felt like it was just in a hurry to get done. I was also confused by the on again/off again romance, as I thought that should be resolved too. Perhaps it will be in a follow up book? In any case, I hope that if this turns into a series we get some questions answered.

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