Book Review: Ride the Neural Networks

Ride the Neural Networks (Benwarian Chronicles Book 5)Ride the Neural Networks by L.W. Samuelson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Travis and Logan have to figure out how to rescue Porter, Logan’s father, but they have a lot of problems at home preventing their departure. Not the least of which is Windy, who is trying to get her inheritance and not afraid to kill to do so. Can Travis honor his promise to Glen without getting Windy arrested, or worse, killed?

Book 5 of the Benwarian chronicles continues the story of the alien race seeking to settle Earth after their planet has succumbed to the Lemmus version of global warming. The book paints a grim future that could possibly be the plight of Earth as well. There are some pretty obvious discussions of environmentalism and imagery of Christianity woven throughout the story, all told through the eyes of aliens trying to understand humanity, particularly our more violent side. I really enjoyed the story despite being slightly annoyed by the obvious agenda, and am interested to see how the series resolves the larger issues of alien settlers on Earth.

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