Book Review: Same Page

Same PageSame Page by G.L. Tomas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Naima is new to Providence, but loving the town and her new job. She’s trying not to love her new boss, but can’t help herself. She knows he’s attached, but is his long distance relationship enough to talk herself out of him?

The Same Page is a new urban romance novel that chronicles the meeting and initial attraction of Naima and Timothy. It alternates first person narration between them, and honestly I liked it. I am usually very critical of first person narration, as it’s hard to pull off, but it was really well done here. Unfortunately, part of the reason it was well done was because there was an overall lack of character depth. Despite a colorful description of the cast of characters, all of the dialogue and internal monologue sounded very similar. I am hoping that because this is a series that the characters will be developed a little more and perhaps assume more unique personalities, Still if urban romance is your thing this is a great series start. *Does contain language, sex, and drug use.

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