Book Review: Cold Hearted Son of a Witch

Cold Hearted Son of a Witch (The Dragoneers Saga, #2)Cold Hearted Son of a Witch by M.R. Mathias
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zah and Ricky have to find the magic mushrooms or Prince Richard will die. While they are on their quest Jenka and Jade must safely escort the King’s Rangers, but the map they find on their journey will lead them to the temple of Dou, and a revelation of a new threat that could be the one they cannot defeat.

Son of a Witch is book 2 of the Dragoneers Saga and in typical Mathias fashion picks up right where book 2 left off. Mathias works in characters from previous books and even novellas or prequel series to wind the story along in a blossoming fantasy universe. While this certainly is the “bridge” of the trilogy, it doesn’t lack for action or plot, and does a great job of what middle books are supposed to do - character development. I really enjoyed the maturation and the revelations behind several of the main characters, as well as the villains. Looking forward to the final book!

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