Book Review: Edwin's Reflection

Edwin's ReflectionEdwin's Reflection by Ray Deeg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tom Hartger is a successful business owner, but he can’t quite shake the feeling that he is missing something in his life, something he is supposed to accomplish. Randall Evans has the same feeling, but is a low level cog in the FBI and knows he is supposed to carry on his grandfather’s legacy, whatever that is. When both men come across the remainder of an estate available because a crazy old man took his own life next to a bizarre machine, their lives along with several others who have also been receiving the mysterious, unsigned letters from the past will determine the fate of humanity’s next evolutionary jump.

Edwin’s Reflection is a brilliantly spun, if inherently technical, love story that gave my nerdy heart all sorts of warm fuzzies. I realize it is supposed to be more of a scientific thriller, but I was floored by the language of love underlying everything about the nature of the story, the machine, the humanity. It brought to mind the example given by C.S. Lewis of the child who is playing in a mud puddle, content in wallowing, where if he would just look up he would see someone offering him a holiday by the sea. Edwin’s Reflection offers the temptation of picking up the corner of the veil between this layer of reality and the next, and only a select few even recognize, much less are able to grasp the tantalizing thread being dangled. I certainly hope to see more of Mr. Deeg’s work, as rarely is someone able to combine science and soul so seemlessly.

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