Book Review: Keepers of the Deep

Keepers of The Deep by R.C. Heydn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nikko has heard the stories about the strange, child snatching bird, but when he becomes one of Torpah’s victims he is plunged into a world he never knew existed. This world is populated entirely by children, with a conflict between the Leaf Children and the Drongs escalating to a dangerous point. Can Nikko help rescue the kidnapped Leafie leader from the dangerous Drongs in their mysterious tunnel dwelling? Or will he become another victim of the tunnel’s secrets?

Keepers of the Deep was a fascinating journey both into a little boy’s imagination and an alternate fantasy reality that does keep you guessing right up to the very end. I really enjoyed the story and the Lord of the Flies type characters, with a little supernatural twist here and there. Unfortunately, all the typos were really distracting, particularly the wrong words. It was clear what the author intended to write and that it was just a mispell or autocorrect error, but it was prevalent and drove me nuts. With some additional editing I think this could develop into a really fascinating series.

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