Book Review: Conduct in Question

Conduct in Question (Osgoode Trilogy, #1)Conduct in Question by Mary E. Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Harry Jenkins is a small time Toronto lawyer about to step into some big time crime cases, not that he knows that yet. Upon taking what he thought was a nice referral from an attorney friend of his who needed to avoid a conflict of interest, Harry gets swept up in a money laundering scheme involving murder, international intrigue and weirdly, the estate of one of his recently deceased clients.

The first in a trilogy, Conduct in Question is a legal thriller that finds Harry as an intelligent dupe in the middle of a scheme not of his own making. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was happy to see that while the legal aspects were explained in plain English I didn’t feel like anything was dumbed down for the the reader. I felt for Harry as he wades through his own personal struggles, and for the family of poor Aunt Marjorie. The only writing critique I would offer is that sometimes it switched from person to person narrative occasionally, and a defined break in the text - like a double space between paragraphs - might have been helpful to my eye. Other than that I really enjoyed both the pace and the story, and look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy!

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