Book Review: Vanessa Schierman, Ph.D. Witch

Vanessa Schierman PhD WITCH (The Bloodsong Series)Vanessa Schierman PhD WITCH by Sandy Nathan
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Vanessa Schierman cannot stand the cover of the magazine NetWorth, she looks like an old hag. Well she is old, and she is a witch, but that’s beside the point. She is the richest woman in the world, and while she was raised to never discuss money in public, it’s high time they stop giving the world incorrect information about Will Duane. Plus, maybe he will notice her if she gets the attention of the public….

This book contains three short stories about a witch who is much more than a witch, but a scientist. Vanessa is quite a character, and these stories provide some background for a minor character in some of Nathan’s other Bloodsong novels. I really like authors who provide a rich and detailed back story for every character, as it really makes me feel like I’m getting to know them and their motivations which makes the whole series flow so easily. I’m looking forward to reading more from Nathan, as I have no made it through the whole series yet! I’m hoping to see more of Vanessa as she really is a fascinating character in and of herself.

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