Book Review: All the Angels Were Jewish

All the Angels were JewishAll the Angels were Jewish by Kevin E. Ready
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Susan’s life has just started to return to some semblance of normalcy after both of her parents die within a 6 month time frame when she is shocked to learn that her Aunt Rachel has died as well, and she must fly out to her aunt’s home in New York immediately. When she gets there, she is even more shocked to learn that she has inherited far more than she ever dreamed possible, and overnight she must learn how to be a wealthy New Yorker, and discovers that she must also find her identity in her Jewish heritage, despite never really observing. For the only Jewish girl on 4th street in Moline, IL - no, not Chicago - it will be an adjustment of a lifetime.

For a contemporary romance that includes the main character’s social media updates and emails, this story carries an incredible depth and identity crisis not usually associated with the wealthy in love. Susan is a midwest girl thrown into a New York world, but during the course of her story I learned so much about Judaism and how the wealthy live their life. Author Kevin Ready’s strength lies in his descriptive abilities, which I realize some might find tedious but I really enjoyed. While I am a midwest girl myself and bristled a bit at the transformation of Susan into a real New Yorker, she managed to retain herself and her parent’s heritage while embracing her larger Jewish culture as well, which I assume is a nearly impossible task. If you are looking for a story to get lost in this one will have you reading until 3am.

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