Book Review: Titanium: Terra

TITANIUM: TerraTITANIUM: Terra by Terrence Carling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mickey and Fran have just been released from their 90 day simulator, and tempers are running a little thin after being cooped up with no one else for that long. Have they ruined their chances for a longer stay on the international space station, maybe even a Mars mission?

Set in the 21st century where NASA is struggling against those who think that resources would be better allocated to shore up the existing industrial structure on Earth, author Terrence Carling sets up a sci fi tale that has a fair amount of reality behind it. The writing style is terse and to the point, much like the scientists, and I actually would have enjoyed a little more drawn out story. However it is an undeniably well researched story and it does leave you wanting more and hoping to jump to the next book in a hurry. It seems like it could be a great sci fi series!

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