Book Review: 2062

2062: The Year of Transition2062: The Year of Transition by Greg Vitrano
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Axel knows he is smart - he was genetically engineered to be. But can he get into the school of his dreams, the elite Illinois? Or will he be his parents’ greatest disappointment by failing the entrance exam? And if he does get in, will he work on some of the top level stuff, and if he does will he be part of the inevitable transition away from humanity?

2062 is an interesting sci fi novel that looks beyond the singularity, which is often the goal in other novels. Instead of the singularity this explores a post-human existence, and whether humanity can stand in the way of artificial intelligence or is doomed to be assimilated. It explores some of the philosophical questions from the mind of a character who knows himself to be genetically engineered, yet questions the progress of others in that field. This novel felt like some of the old fatalistic 70s sci fi movies, like Logan’s Run, Planet of the Apes, or Omega Man, particularly the ending where you kind of knew what was coming but it still blows your mind a little. And of course it draws heavily on Asimov and his robotics rules. This is a great read for anyone interested in pondering the pace of progress and the possibilities of predilection.

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