Book Review: Diabolical Conspiracy

Diabolical ConspiracyDiabolical Conspiracy by Dr Gary a Fuller
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Stephen and Samantha are finally taking some time off to get married and travel for their honeymoon, but find themselves wrapped up in a terrorist plot on the small,Grecian island they planned to be only for their destination wedding. Sam is furious, but duty calls and it is up to them to help foil a plot that could bring on World War 3. Can they do it or will their honeymoon end up being the end of the world?

Diabolical Conspiracy is a fast paced story that follows the lucky in love but unlucky in honeymooning couple Stephen and Sam as they disrupt their nuptials just long enough to foil the biggest terrorist plot against Israel that has been planned in a long time. While I enjoyed the story line I found Sam’s character to be unbearably whiny. I know that no woman wants her husband’s job to get in the way of something as important as a wedding, but if you’re marrying a guy who works for the UN you have to know what you are getting into. Other than her being irritating I thought the story was really interesting and well thought out, obviously researched or from first hand military experience, and it kept me pretty engaged the whole read. Good pick up if you like international intrigue type thrillers.

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