Book Review: Inception

Inception: A Search for Redemption in the Ruins of the LiesInception: A Search for Redemption in the Ruins of the Lies by Tolman Farrah Geffs
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cynthia and her daughter, Alexia, have been summoned to a mysterious meeting in a wealthy New York club. Also attending was Dolph, a wealthy real estate developer and Alex, a poor college student from California. The discoveries of the ties that bound them were immense, and the reality of how to now navigate their future together is daunting.

Inception is a complicated story about family history that intersects with current events surrounding larger issues, such as child pornography. Parts of it are hard to read, but probably quite accurate - if not mild. The plot was well developed, if complicated. My main issue was with the dialogue, it all sounded a little hollow to me, and the characters reconciled major life revelations and changes far too quickly. The research and the plot development were on point, but the dialogue and emotion needed a lot of work for me, particularly for such deep subjects.

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