Book Review: The New Lease

The New Lease: a conspiracy thrillerThe New Lease: a conspiracy thriller by John Stryder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fae thinks she is flexing her journalism muscles as she takes a class assignment very seriously by traveling to meet a man who seems to be the key to all the recent fortunate world policy decisions. Little does she know that she will learn more about herself and an insidious old idea that one man is trying to make new again, and possibly alter the future as we know it.

The New Lease is a thought provoking thriller that incorporates psychological concepts from tantric philosophies as well as some new ways to make old concepts savory to a modern crowd. Of course I had my concerns while reading it as to whether or not it was someone really trying to promote the idea of eugenics and population control as a good idea, but chose to see it as a lesson on how people can talk themselves into just about anything. It’s a really well written story, and my only complaint about the writing was the switching to first person occasionally. It was separate chapters and I think it was intentional to create suspense, but it just didn’t work for me. Otherwise a fascinating read!

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