Book Review: Throne of Novoxos

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Vaush and Comron are supposed to hate each other, with each world blaming the other for their surrender to the current imperial dynasty centuries ago. But when circumstances force them to rely on each other to survive a crash landing, how is it possible for them to get along and get out to the shore for rescue? And how is it that they seem to be falling for each other along the way? They will have a lot more to deal with at home if they actually make it out alive, not to mention explaining their relationship to their respective worlds. Who would have thought this might turn out to be the least of their concerns.

The Throne of Novoxos, book 1 in the Van Laven chronicles, sets up the unlikely but fiery romance between Vaush and Comron. The writing is fast paced and mixes adventure and romance as the couple try to outrun the rest of the empire once Vaushes true origin is revealed. There are pretty graphic sex depictions, so while I loved the sci fi setting and the politics I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for the under 18 crowd. But if you are into the genre mixing and welcome a hefty dose of Empire politics, this one is a winner!

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